What do insurance companies/adjusters need to settle an accident injury claim?

Insurance adjusters need documentation to back up every protion of damage claim in the file of any given injury accident. If they do not have that documentation, they cannot get settlement authority from their superiors because they don’t have a basis upon which to advise their managers that a claim should be settled for a certain amount.

Make sure that you obtian itemized medical bills and a narrative report of your injury claim outlining the history of your injury, the treatment you have received so far, as well as prognosis (future treatment) that you will need in your doctor’s professional medical opinion, and the approximate cost of such treatment.

The key to getting any injury claim settled with an insurance adjuster is documentation. When the time comes to settle your accident claim, makes ure that you don’t just throw a figure at the adjuster. For example, if you incurred $1,200 in medical bills and $400 in lost wages, and you want to settle the case for $7,000, explain why the case is worth that much. You may count the number of doctor visits that you incurred during your recovery, the number of pain pills consumed, and how the incident affected your social, professional and even romantic life. (i.e. Did you miss a trip? Educational opportunity? Other events that you planned and expected to attend?) In other words, show some thought into and basis for the settlement figure you propose.

Remember that the adjuster has to sell the value of your injury claim to his supervisors. If you help the adjuster sell your case to his supervisors, he or she will likely help you get a fair settlement for your injury claim.

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