Truck Accident Attorney in San Francisco

Truck accidents often lead to some of the most severe and fatal types of motor vehicle accident on the road.  Since California is home to some of the worlds largest ports in the world, far more large commercial vehicles pass through California highways than any other state in the nation.  The Ports of Oakland and San Francisco are not an exception, and hundreds of trucks pass through I-80, I-580, and I-880 every day.

Every year crashes involving large commercial trucks result in an estimated $40 billion dollars in property damage. Such accidents result in more than 3,000 fatalities each year. Trucking  collisions cause more than 70,000 severe injuries each year. They account for 6.2% of all motor vehicle accident in the state of California. Such crashes constitute one-third (33%) of all auto accident fatalities in California.

Some of the common cause of accidents involving trucks are driving under the influence, falling asleep at the wheel or distracted driving after being on the road for many hours, failure to properly inspect a commercial vehicles, and failure to correctly load cargo which leads to causing vehicle lose stability or have poor handling.