San Mateo Injury Lawyer: injury to ear and loss of hearing

Although at first sight linking an car accident to a loss of hearing might sounds like a stretch, an injury to ear and hearing loss are quite common consequences of car accidents. One of my clients sustained an injury in San Mateo County. This was a typical “t-bone” collission in which the other driver ran the red light and hit my client in the front side of the car. It didn’t take much to throw my client’s body sideways and have him hit his head violently against the side window of his car.

Shortly after the incident, along with the severe headaches, he noticed numbness in his ear, experiencing a similar feeling that we all have when we get water in our ears. He hoped that that problem was going to go away, however six months later he still had the same noticeable discomfort in his ear. When he went to the ear doctor, he was diagnosed with a torn ear drum, significant decline in hearing ability, and blood had to be sucked out from underneath his torn drum. It is unclear whether my client will regain his hearing in the future.

This is just one example, how a relatively minor impact in an injury accident can result in a serious injury, which, while might not be visible, will have a significant impact on the injured person’s professional and social life. Under such circumstances a careful medical assessment of the injured person’s present and future condition and a thorough legal evaluation of damages and fair compensation must be made prior to settling any such injury claim or a lawsuit.

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