Select Settlement and Awards in Personal Injury Cases Handled by Our Office

  • September 2014 – $75,000.00 settlement in a slip and fall case against a major property management company who failed to adequately clean and repair a stairway in one of its building despite repeated complaints from Plaintiff and other tenants.
  • July 2014 – $140,000.00 settlement to a claimant who suffered second degree burns when using a defective pressure cooker (Santa Clara County).
  • November 2013 – $100,000 binding UM arbitration award to a motorcyclist who has been t-boned at an intersection (Santa Clara County).
  • May 2013 – $175,000.00 settlement to a retired engineer who was rear-ended at a stop-sign by a truck and suffer multiples shoulder fractures and degenerative disc disease. The claimant has been involved in two prior injury accidents during the past ten years which presented additional challenges in proving his claim.
  • December 2012¬†– $65,000 bench trial award in a slip and a fall case at an apartment building where the maintenance company negligently failed to clean up oil and paint from the floor after performing work on premises.
  • October 2012 – $70,000 settlement in a slip-and-fall accident at a private parking lot in San Mateo County.
  • March 2012 – policy limits settlement to a victim of a side-swipe motorcycle injury (elbow fracture) on 101-s.
  • January 2012 – $35,000 settlement to a victim of battery at a nightclub (negligent supervision and failure of security personnel to prevent violence on premises, San Francisco County).
  • October 2011 – $5o,000 uninsured motorist arbitration award to a victim of a hit-and-run accident (San Mateo County).
  • July 2011 – $150,000 – in a t-bone accident on I-80, to a passenger who suffered fractures to her rib and right arm (Solano County)
  • May 2010: $175,000 settlement in a slip-and-fall claim against one of the major retailers. The claimant, a major bank executive, fell and suffered a close-head injury by hitting her head against a ladder that was negligently placed and left unsupervised by one of the store’s employees. (Sacramento County)
  • January 2010: $165.000 pre-trial settlement to a victim of assault and battery (San Mateo County)
  • November 2009: Policy Limits settlement to a bicyclist who suffered a moderate fracture after colliding into a vehicle whose driver negligently pulled out from the parking area without checking for upcoming traffic, and being thrown to the ground.
  • July 2009: $85,000 settlement¬† for an injury claim by a motorcyclist who was broadsided by a driver under the influence.
  • August 2009: $60,000 settlement in a slip-and-fall claim by a visitor of a private hospital in San Francisco, who slip and fell on the hospital lobby floor, injuring his knee and elbow.
  • June 2009: Policy limits settlement in a wrongful death claim, where the police report and two witnesses testified against the deceased. The surviving driver was found liable after producing a photos and a short video analyzing the intersection and proving that the deceased could not have been at fault.