Releases of Liability for Injuries in California

Many gymnasiums and other facilities where there is a risk that  customer will suffer an injury, have those customers sign a release of liability which is supposed to release the business from any and all liability for injuries and damages sustained by the customer/visitors while on premises. However, not all releases are valid and enforceable as the power of the release to preclude and injury claim depends on the scope of the release and its applicability to the particular incident.

Generally, in order for a release of liabilty to be held enforceable and prevent an injured from having a legal action for personal injuries (1) the release must be clear, unambiguous and explicit in expressing the intent of the parties; (2) the act of negligence that results in injury must be reasonable related to the object or prupose for which the release is given; and (3) the release must not contravene public policy.

The second element is the one that is subject of contention and litigation. To illustrate, in one case the court considered a situation where a vistor of a car race signed a release that purported to release the facility from any injuries sustained by the viewers as a result of the automobile racing. One visitor was injured when one monitor located in the area fell on his head after he tried to adjust it. The court concluded that because the release was not intended to release the premises form this kind of injuries and was only limited to injuries related to the automobile race and the dangers that the race cars directly pose to the viewer, the release did not apply to the claimant’s injuries, and he was allowed to proceed to recover damages.

However, in other case, a gym customer was not allowed to recoverfor injuries sustained when he slipped and fell in the shower, because, as the court pointed out, the release executed by the customer with that gym, provided that the customer releases the facility from liability for any and all injuries, whether related to exercising or not, while on premises.

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