Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorney

pedestrian injuries lawyer in San FranciscoPedestrians hit by any type of motor vehicle are at a far higher risk of serious injury and fatalities than individuals involved in other types of traffic accidents.  In fact, such accidents are seven times more likely to result in death than even motorcycle collisions. Pedestrians are especially at a high risk in San Francisco, where both the drivers and the pedestrians are often completely distracted by texting.

Below are important steps that should be taken by victims of pedestrian injuries in San Francisco.

  • If injured (even if you feel slightly hurt) seek medical attention immediately – contact your local emergency response team and request an ambulance.  You might not feel severe pain right after the impact because of your initial shock, but you can be sure that the day after you will likely be very sore or even unable to move well enough to go to work and perform the common tasks.
  • Contact the police department at the location of the collision and have them file an accident report, so it is established early on that you are not at fault for your injury.
  • If possible, ask the driver of the automobile that struck you for his insurance information and write down or take pictures of the license plate and any damage on the vehicle and on your body as soon as possible after the incident.
  • If there are witnesses ask for their phone numbers, as they can be critical in proving your case later, if the driver “changes his mind” and starts blaming you for causing an accident.
  • Do not speak with or make any statement whatsoever to any insurance adjuster who contacts you. ANY statements you make can and will be used by insurance companies to lower your claim for compensation.

And if you have any further questions about pedestrian injury claims, feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation, where we could answer any questions you might have about he process of handling a pedestrian injury claim.