Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Some of the most serious injuries are suffered by motorcyclists who are hit by other vehicles, when a driver at fault is either distracted (by texting) or when they simply don’t see the motorcyclist in their rear or side mirror when turning or switching lanes, and t-boning or causing a swiping accident. ┬áThese injuries include road rash, fractures, severe neck and back injuries, crush injuries, head injuries such as brain damage and death. A motorcyclist involved in an accident is very likely to have high medical bills and longer recover time, which, alone with being forced to be off work because of the injuries suffered, can cause a significant financial strain and stress.

Insurance companies are known for trying to pressure motorcyclists into low settlements or to try to claim that the motorcyclist was at fault because of allegedly losing balance or not paying attention or for not avoiding an accident that he could have allegedly avoided. We carefully investigate the circumstances of the collision and present the facts in the light most favorable to our clients to demonstrate through testimony, expert biomechanical study and other evidence that the motorcycle operator was not at fault and did not cause the collision.

Before you sign any documents or accept any settlements from an insurance company you should consult with an experienced injury lawyer to discuss your rights and whether you are being fairly compensated for the injuries suffered.