Medical Malpractice Claims Against Kaiser – Stress Fracture Diagnosis

knee stress fracture diagnosisStress fracture is a condition that’s most often caused by repeated stress applied on the bone by running and jumping and similar activities. Knees and shins appear to be more susceptible to stress fractures because of their significant mechanical involvement and the pressure on those parts of the body when running and jumping. The problem is that a stress fracture often does not show on an x-ray image or even MRI scan.

In one of the medical malpractice cases our office recently handled, a client reported to his primary physician at Kaiser with sharp knee pain complaint. Our client did not remember hitting his knee or being injured in any way that would impact his knee. Without further evaluating him and without referring him to an orthopedic surgeon, the Kaiser doctor told our client to continue using his knee as usual, to continue working out and lifting weight like he has been normally doing and not worry about anything.

About a month later, our client’s knee and hip have virtually collapsed, rendering him incapable of walking for months and being forced to use crutches. The orthopedic specialist who evaluated him shortly after the collapse pretty much admitted that the primary physician screwed up by assuming that there was nothing wrong and not referring the patient for further evaluation.

Although this speculative to an extent, there is a perverse incentive for Kaiser doctors to under-treat their patients. Since these doctors are salaried, they are not interested in doing more work, more tests or more surgeries, and they certainly don’t have a financial interest in performing these often procedures as soon as possible. This delay in evaluation, treatment and surgical intervention leads to such horrible injuries and resulting malpractice claims as described above.

If you fee strong pain in your knee or shin, you must absolutely exercising and get evaluated by an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible in order to find out whether you have suffered a stress fracture, and if so – how you can avoid further bone damage and health faster.