San Francisco Injury Attorney: Accidents at four-stop-sign intersections

One of the very common situations leading to injury accidents in San Francisco, especially in the “avenues” is a situation where one of the drivers fail to stop at a four-way stop intersection, “t-boning” the other driver.  The major danger of t-bone accidents is that even the relatively minor impact might lead to serious injuries. It is not uncommon for a driver going through an intersection to have another car collide into him/her from a side and sustain serious injuries, such as broken ribs and shoulder injuries. After all, the doors are obviously thinner and don’t provide nearly as much protection to the driver (or passengers who can also be at risk) as the front or the back of the car, even in the most modern cars with sophisticated safety mechanisms.

The most reliable way to avoid those collisions, of course, is never assuming that the other driver, who is approaching an stop-sign at the intersection is going to stop, especially in San Francisco, where the stop signs are not always clear and visible, not to mention that fact the other driver might not be paying attention, be distracted or being intoxicated.

Thus, if you are at the intersection, don’t proceed through it until the other driver (approaching from your left or right) fully stops his vehicle, so that you can be assured that he is not just going to run through it.

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