Injuries and accidents involving children in residential areas

It seems that no matter what precautions the apartment and condominium communities take to make their are safer for pedestrians and bicyclist, people and especially small children continue being hit and severally injured by vehicles entering and exiting residential areas, even in gated communities. Posted speed limits, highlighted crosswalks, speed bumps and signs warning the driver that children might might be crossing the street unexpectedly  Рall these precautions are of little help if the driver is speeding through the area, assuming that no one will be crossing the street or running out in the quiet residential area, and the child who is used to feeling safe runs out or rides his bicycle out unexpectedly onto the street to only be violently hit by that car.

In most such accidents the driver is found liable for speeding and unsafe driving under conditions. However, regardless of whose fault the accident is, it is very important to explain and remind children that the area surrounding their house (no matter how suburban that area is) can be just as dangerous as any busy highway. In fact, it is likely to be more dangerous, because the drivers don’t expect any dangerous situations in a quite neighborhood and therefore don’t pay as much attention to the road and often feel at liberty to speed through.

You cannot prevent the drivers from not being as careful as you should be, but you can certainly make sure that your children are fully aware of the potential dangers posed by drivers on the streets immediately outside their house.

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