Why You Are More Likely to Get Into a Car Accident In Your Own Neighborhood

I remember hearing for the first time the statistical fact that most car accidents occur within a mile of an injured person’s residence and being puzzled: why would people get into a car accident in the area which is most familiar and the easiest to get around for them. Hearing the same statistics over and over, I really wanted ot find out what hides behind them.

As time went by, I realized what should have been an obvious fact – we naturally turn into the most careless drivers as we get closer to our home. Following the same route to the “finish line” day after day, we find ourselves drive on auto-pilot, which makes us both speed with confidence through the very well familiar streets and also not expect and not be ready for any surprised during the final minutes of our drive home. This is a dangerous combination and the one likely to lead to a serious injury accident between two cars or even worse – between a car and a pedestrian or a car an a bicyclist.

And the quieter the area is, the less alert the drivers are to people and children walking around their homes or crossing the street. The City of Stockton and the surrounding towns are known to be quite “bedroom” communities, with many children residing in those communities. This is exactly the reason why it is so important to pay great attention to the road when you drive through those communities, especially if you are approaching your home, as this is exactly the time when we tend to take care of calling or even worse – texting people right before we get into the house.

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