A common mistake after being involved in an injury accident

I often receive calls from people who were just injured in an autoaccident, who are in pain, but who are also unwilling to go to the emergency room, as they are  concerned about the medical bills from the hospital, if the injured doesn’t have health insurance.

Not receiving an urgent care at a hospital if you are in serious pain within 24-48 hours after the accident or not going to see a doctor as soon as possible after the accident is a mistake for several reasons. First, even though you might think that you have not been seriously injured, there might be certain damage to the bone structure or soft tissue that would require urgent attention and that would help you recover faster.

Secondly,  that fact that you haven’t received treatment shortly after the accident is going to be one of the strongest arguments by the insurance company that you weren’t injured very seriously. After all, they will say, if you were injured as seriously as you say – why didn’t you seek treatment immediately?

Lastly, in most cases you shouldn’t be concerned about the medical bills. Assuming that you have the insurance information of the driver at fault, the injury lawyer representing you will contact the hospital and will request that your bill is placed on hold until your injury claim settles. If you didn’t manage to obtain an insurance information form the other driver, such as it happens in hit-and-run accidents, you will still be able to negotiate your medical bill with the hospital in most cases and/or agree on a very reasonable payment plan.

So, make sure that you get the medical care you need at the emergency room after being involved in an accident or some other kind of medical attention soon as possible, this will ensure better recovery and will protect your legal rights when you negotiate settlemet with the insurance company.

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