Causing an Accident Due to Texting is Likely to be a Crime

texting while driving and accident is a crime in CaliforniaThe law against texting while driving went into effect in California on January 1, 2009. However, few drivers are aware that when you cause an accident due to texting or a similar distraction caused by a cellphone use while driving, that accident will likely be considered a crime. If the accident is a fatality it will be considered an involuntary manslaughter, and chances are very high that the driver at fault will be imprisonment for nearly two years or more. This is yet another reason why texting while driving is not a good idea, especially on those roads where you are likely to have “surprise” – i.e. pedestrians popping up on the street unexpectedly, cars switching lanes often and stop and go traffic.┬áDriving might be the time when calling the other person while using your headset, rather than texting, is a much better idea.

As I drive around San Francisco, I see that the drivers routinely violate the law against texting while driving. It’s unfortunate that most of those drivers learn how dangerous is the hard way – when they rear-end another vehicle, run over a pedestrian or a bicyclist or even go off the road, when traveling on a curvy highway.

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