California Slip-and-Fall Injury Case Basics

San Francisco slip-and-fall injury lawyerWhat do such large stores stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Costco, Best Buy, Ikea, Sears and McDonald’s have in common?  They have all been sued by their customers who slipped and fell on their premises and suffered severe injuries. A slip and fall incident can lead to all kinds of injuries, including torn ligaments, serious knee injuries and shoulder injuries and even spinal court injury and head injury, especially if a person slips and falls on a steep staircase.

If you are injured on a property owned or controlled by a business, under the law they are responsible to maintain it in a way that would be reasonably safe for use, especially if you are a paying patron, (i.e. a customer at a grocery story, at a bar, etc).

Slip and fall cases are notoriously challenging to pursue in court, and it takes a legal team experienced in these specific types of cases to achieve results.. This is in part because a claimant in slip-and-fall case has to prove that the owner or the operator of the premises had either actual or “constructive” notice of the condition that lead to the fall. In other words, it has to be proven that the premises owner knew or should have known and failed to prevent the dangerous condition on their floor, when a reasonable owner or operator of the property would have taken certain steps and precautions to maintain the premises better. Just as importantly, there is an inherent skepticism in the general public toward slip-and-fall cases, because most people, who have never been injured that way, have a hard time relating to how someone who suffer a serious injury in a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall incident without being actually hit by something or someone.

Not every slip-and-fall case is worth pursuing, but the ones that are still require a far more closer look and a more intense investigation in order to establish the necessary elements of the claim. At our office, we look very closely at very fact that makes your potential slip and fall case stronger or weaker and we candidly advise you about how strong your case , regardless of whether we offer our representation service to you.